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Healing Arts & Bodywork

Healing arts and bodywork techniques offered by South Philly Wellness include Indian Head- Champissage, Lomi Lomi Temple Bodywork, Holistic Integrated Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki.

Pain Relief

Types of Healing Arts & Bodywork South Philly Wellness offers for pain relief include Integrated Holistic, Myofascial Release, Scar Tissue Release, Shiatsu, Thai Bodywork, and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® CORE Myofascial Release.

Women’s Wellness

At South Philadelphia Wellness, the healing arts are just one of the skill sets provided to you on the path to wellness. Whenever appropriate, and welcomed,  additional practices such as breath coaching, self massage technique, stretching, herbal support, v-steaming, and specialized referrals will be suggested to enhance your possibility of outcome.

What Our Clients Say

Welcome to our practice

South Philly Wellness is a private, appointment only Holistic Health Practice founded by Jennifer June in the neighborhood of Pennsport.  ​Through SPW Jennifer and staff are committed to creating a body positive place for all to heal, especially welcoming of women, persons of size and color as well as the LGBTQ community. We view healing arts and bodywork as a part of routine health care, rather than a luxury service.


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How does SPW address COVID-19?


For over 25 years Jennifer June has served critically ill and immune compromised clients. Any threat to the health, well being and survival of my client base is a threat to the heart of this practice and my community.  Much care, concern and study has gone into the steps outlined below for continued client safety. While no environment can be 100% risk free, I strive to exceed cleanliness standards on a daily basis.


Due to COVID-19 service is limited to one client at a time. Guests are no longer permitted to linger on site while treatments unfold.


Client bookings are staggered to prevent exposure and to thoroughly sanitise the treatment room.


Clients are prescreened for COVID-19 exposure prior to arrival. Guests who have traveled to high risk areas or have known exposure will be rescheduled  until they have effectively quarantined or tested negative for COVID-19.


Clients and practitioner wear masks throughout the entire visit.


Hand sanitiser is offered upon entry


Face cradles have been draped for ease of breath, comfort and safety. They are detail sanitised between each use.


A Hand washing station has been added inside the treatment room.ov


Between clients all surfaces and high contact areas are sanitised with a COVID-19 CDC approved hydrogen peroxide sanitiser


To promote optimal fresh air exchange the studio door is open 5-10 minutes with intake fan on between sessions.


Pillows and props have been wrapped in washable wipeable coverings.


Mid-day and at closing the entire facility is disinfected using a UVC light cycle.


Linens are professionally laundered weekly and held in airtight storage until needed.


The office is deep cleaned by a professional service weekly.


Thank you for investing in your health and inquiring about our protocols for safety. As always there is room for improvement and innovation. Your kind suggestions will be appreciated.