Vaginal Steaming

V- Steams are a herb infused, steam bath for the pelvic region based on Mayan cleansing rituals. Other cultures reference similar services as vaginal steams, yoni- steams, chai-yok and pelvic steaming.

Vaginal Steaming is a deeply relaxing experience that combines moderate temperature steam and herbs to alleviate pelvic tension, increase circulation and reduce inflammation. V-steaming is used as an adjunct therapy to address a wide range of women’s reproductive and menstrual concerns such as Fibroids, PCOS, PMS, painful menstrual cycles, endometriosis, and difficulty in conceiving.

V-Steams are inappropriate during pregnancy, while showing signs of infection or during active menses.

For Fertility challenges, and Fibroids I highly recommend Our Delux Fertility Assist Package :V-Steaming in conjunction with Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™  Castor oil pack, pelvic floor moxabustion and daily self care massage to attain the best possible outcome. Find answers to popular V- Steam questions in our V-Steam Q&A blog posts

V-Steam parties are available for groups of 4-20 in our Philadelphia Steam Lounge. Pricing begins at $60 per participant.

The following V- Steam experiences are offered by appointment at our South Philadelphia studio

Please Note all V-Steam services are prepaid at the time of booking- No exceptions. Booking through our scheduling system is greatly appreciated.

Basic V-Steam $80

This V-steam is direct and to the point with 30 minutes of seated steam time. All the things one wants in a self care ritual but requiring none of the DIY effort. The perfect service for those who like relaxation with zero fancy add ons or fluffy spa frippery. Get your sarong on, sit and relax.

V- Steam with a warm herbal foot soak $80

30 minute session includes a warm herbal foot soak with a Peppermint, Camphor, Cajeput and Wintergreen herbal blend to invigorate and refresh your feet.

V-Steam with an Abdominal Castor Oil Pack $80

30 minute session includes the application of a castor oil pack to the abdomen to address digestive and pelvic inflammation. This session is most popular with those who have issues such as Endometriosis, PCOS, and Fibroids.

V-Steam with Indian style head, neck, and shoulder massage. $90

30 minute session includes an Indian style seated head, neck, and shoulder massage. This swift light touch massage focuses on energetically sweeping tension away,  vigorously stimulating the scalp and hair follicles while balancing the upper chakras of the heart, throat, third eye and crown.

Deluxe Fertility Assist  $290 Initial visit.   Return visit $180

This is the deluxe service package recommended for those who wish to address PCOS, fibroids, tubal blockages, or looking forward to conception. 

30 Minute V- Steam with abdominal castor oil pack and pelvic floor moxabustion, will be followed by an hour long Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy session for the low back, hips, sacral region and abdomen.

*This package is not available to IUD users for safety reasons. 

Complete our  ATMAT ™ intake session forms prior to arrival.  

Unable to visit our studio for a steam? Arrange to have V-Steam Herb Kits shipped to you!

DIY V-Steam kits are available. DIY kits include a V-steam herb blend for two home steams and instruction sheet. $16.00 plus USPS flat rate shipping

Prefer to pick up?

You MUST arrange for an herb consult and establish a firm pick up time. Payment for herbs will be collected electronically via CC, Venmo or Cashap.

NO Walk In Clients will be accepted due to the nature of our studio set up

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