cancellation policy

An appointment is a promise to devote my time to your behalf. Client cancellation with 24 hour notice is expected. Clients giving less than 24 hour notice of cancellation may be restricted from future online booking, upon review of the situation clients may resume scheduling with a request for prepayment for the service time reserved.

Illness is a part of life. Clients attending appointments should be symptom free of any communicable illness for a minimum of 48 hours prior to their appointment. (Especially colds, flu, pinkeye & poison ivy)

I prefer to reschedule an appointment for those who may be ill, caring for a person who is highly contagious or seeming slightly under the weather rather than take the risk of self or client exposure. There are no penalties for cancellation due to illness. Please, stay at home and practice self care.

Clients entering the practice with a discount service voucher ( Groupon etc.) must attend booked sessions. Vouchers will be redeemed at full value by SPW if the client fails to arrive to their scheduled appointment. In cases where 24 hour notice is given, clients will be rescheduled and vouchers will retain value until date of expiration.

Late Arrivals

Traffic happens, public transit can be unpredictable. Clients arriving within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time will be seen for the remaining time available at full session cost.

After 16 minutes, clients who have not arrived are considered a no show. They will need to reschedule with prepayment.

Thank you for understanding that the healing arts and bodywork is my vocation and sole source of income. Your respect will be returned in kind. In the event of a practitioner initiated cancellation I will do my best to provide you with 24 hours notice of need to reschedule, exceptions may include practitioner illness that jeopardizes client health, personal injury or dire family circumstance.