Can I Steam while trying to conceive?

Can I Steam while trying to conceive?

V-Steaming has been used alongside herbs, suppliments, massage techniques, and acupuncture treatments for generations to cleanse, balance and prepare the body to be in its optimal state of health prior to conception.

V-Steaming can be a regular practice for those actively seeking to conceive naturally or through assisted measures. 

There are four phases of the menstrual cycle, Menstruation, Follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. 

The ‘Fertile window” of the menstrual cycle is during the 24 hour period after ovulation. The egg has been released to be funnelled into the Fallopian tube and then into the uterus for fertilisation by sperm.

V-Steaming can generally be performed prior to and immediately following menstruation, During the follicular phase, while ovulating and during the luteal phase. V- Steaming will not negatively affect egg quality prior to fertilisation.

The heat generated by V-steaming, and the PH balancing qualities of many steam herbs can impair the motility and survival of sperm released into the vagina and uterus. 

Because Steaming could potentially interfere with Sperms ability to reach the egg intact, It is advised that V Steaming happen prior to introduction of sperm during the suspected “fertile window” of ovulation.  In my practise I would then advise the client to abstain from steaming again until menstruation resumes. In the event that a positive pregnancy test has been confirmed V-Steaming practice would end until after delivery and childbirth.

Jennifer June is a V- Steam Facilitator, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and PA Licensed Massage Therapist operating South Philly Wellness.

She can be reached with a voicemail at 215 301 3072 or by email at for V-steam and steam herb blend consultations.