Is intimacy ok after a steam?

V-steaming can bring heightened awareness to the pelvis. Clients frequently report an increase in lubrication and intimate desire. Intimacy after a V-steam is safe and healthy.

While V-steaming receives a lot of attention for its role with those looking to optimize fertility. V-steaming alone won’t make you hyper fertile. If you ARE in fact trying to actively conceive, steaming after insemination would be contraindicated as heat may affect sperm. In this instance it would be prudent to hold off on steaming after insemination. 

For those using birth control methods such as the nuva ring and IUD- inform your steam facilitator so proper precautions can be made ensuring IUDs stay in place, and the nuva ring is removed prior to steaming.

Please enjoy your post v-steam moments of intimacy and connection.

Jennifer June is a V- Steam Facilitator, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and PA Licensed Massage Therapist operating South Philly Wellness.

She can be reached with a voicemail at 215 301 3072 or by email at for V-steam and steam herb blend consultations.