V-Steam Q & A

Can I take a bath for the same result as V-Steaming?

Can I take a bath for the same result as V-Steaming?

Yes, you could use your V steam herbs for a pelvic soak or bath. However taking a full body bath will not have the same results as a  V- Steam. V-Steam sessions involve a dosage of herbs steeped in less than a gallon of water to disperse as steam at roughly 180 degrees. 

Bath water is significantly cooler, around 112 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average bathtub holds about 80 gallons of water when full. The dilution of herbal components would have very little effect on the body at this concentration. 

V Steam services are available at SPW as individual Sessions, or Groups of two and three. For groups of Four – Twenty  South Philly Wellness will travel to your Venue!

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Can’t make it into our Studio to Steam? SPW has  5 V- Steam herb blends packaged for DIY home care. Pricing begins at $16.00 Kits include Steam herbs and instruction sheet for doing passive home steaming. No fancy equipment is needed.  Steam Kits may be shipped via USPS or picked up in person by appointment only.

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