Wise Womb Medicine Summit

Wise Womb Medicine Summit

With The dark chill of February lingering I was feeling as if a bit of inspiration and guidance to keep the healing mind engaged where in order. I was lucky enough to participate in The Wise Womb Medicine Path Fertility Summit put together by one of my teachers Naomi Love.

Naomi Love is a multidisciplinary healer who I first encountered during my Training in Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. Naomi had been practicing the techniques for many years in addition to herbalism, shamanism and nutrition. Her purity of intent and absolute openness to share knowledge made her a radiant presence in the classroom.

Since training with her, Naomi has founded The Wise Womb Medicine Path to train practitioners in the arts of womb medicine in Hawaii.

This 7 Day Summit was a collection of online presentations and talks from many experts on various alternative therapies who all focus on womb health.  If you are interested in Naomi’s future courses and events here is a link to follow up.


Here is a snapshot of the exquisite topics and presenters our lineup included
Naomi Love – The Womb: Understanding Womb Placement.
Achintya Devi – Womb Codex – 3 Powerful Gateways For Fertile Feminine Power
Elizabeth Betwixt – Prepping your Garden: The Sacred Work of PreConception
Helen Zee – Relational Alchemy & Bringing Sex(y) Back After Miscarriage
Kristin González – Menstrual Attunement & the Seasons of your Cycle, Improving Male Potency
Sarah Jane Kidd Sandy – Eating & Living For Optimal Fertility

In addition we had access to speakers on vaginal steaming, what healthy menstrual cycles look like, nutrition for fertility,  pelvic massage and tantric practices to rebuild internal energy. An amazing amount of wisdom was shared and so much support for both practitioners there to learn and women looking to find answers on their path.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the most profound quotes from the summit on my Facebook feed.

This summit has broadened my understanding and connected me to so many fantastic resources that are sure to expand my practice tools and offerings.

Presentations happened to unfurl as I was launching the new V-steam services at the studio. Serendipity! Through it have access to a greater body of documentation and more education to pursue on the topic of pelvic steaming. I can not wait to go further into customizing steam herb blends and implementing more specific steam protocols. Protocols are great for setting an outline to help bring those with no cycle, a short cycle and a long cycle back into balance and harmony of being a healthy cycle.

I look forward to sharing all this inspiring wisdom and technique during our sessions together.